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A community for UK businesses in the Innovate UK BridgeAI programme to connect, and collaborate with BSI’s standards expertise, unlocking the full potential of AI in a responsible, ethical and trustworthy way.

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About management

Welcome to the Management foundational standards group.

This group is aimed at those who need to establish and maintain processes and procedures in relation to AI systems, particularly in key areas like risk management. The standards in this section will help you to manage your AI systems in a trustworthy way, better supporting how you manage your AI systems and the delivery of high-quality services to support future business growth.

Key resources in the management foundation

Search for Management foundational standards in the Standards section.

BSI has conducted limited research on other standards produced by industry and proposes the below may be of interest. We welcome your feedback on this selection and are interested to know what else you may be using.

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This group is open to all. To see all of the resources in this space and participate in managerial-related discussions, click or tap on the Join Group button above.

You will then also be able to see discussions and content from this area in the main Discussions, Blogs, Resources, and other areas on the main toolbar.

We are keen to understand what standards, best practices, and other guidance texts you currently use when developing and deploying AI systems, as well as what gaps you are finding for guidance. Please share your thoughts and experiences on this and other questions you may have to AI management in the Management Discussions area.

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