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Harness the power of AI through standards support

A community for UK businesses in the Innovate UK BridgeAI programme to connect, and collaborate with BSI’s standards expertise, unlocking the full potential of AI in a responsible, ethical and trustworthy way.

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About the Community

Innovate UK BridgeAI empowers businesses in high-growth sectors, driving productivity and economic growth through the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI). We bridge the gap between developers and end-users, fostering user-driven AI technologies.

Read more about the Innovate UK BridgeAI programme.

The BridgeAI Standards Community's mission is to support UK businesses in these sectors with high growth potential to use and adopt standards, helping them harness the power of AI in a responsible, ethical, and trustworthy way. The Community provides insights and guidance on key standards, research and use cases on successful adoption of AI, as well as the opportunity to collaborate through events, workshops, and online discussions. It will empower these key sectors to leverage standards, further accelerating trust and confidence in AI and helping them to realize a greater potential.

Learn how AI and standards apply to your use case

Whether you’re just starting out with AI, need to manage a complicated system, or are looking to make your AI deployment as secure as possible, you’ll find all the info about the standards you need in our foundational standard groups.

Access curated research, case studies and implementation guidance

Our library of research, training courses, webinars and more will help build a strong foundation of knowledge on which success can be built.

Connect and share knowledge

Connect with others through webinars, events, and online discussions with experts and other BridgeAI programme participants

Who should join?

Participants in the BridgeAI programme who are looking to move forward toward the opportunities AI can provide in their sector while wanting to ensure their AI projects are trustworthy, secure, and grounded in standards and best practice.

Representatives from organizations in the agriculture, constructive and transport sectors, those who work in creative industries, and AI developers who may wish to increase their knowledge of standards are also most welcome.

Why join?

You’re interested in bridging the gap between where you are now and the opportunity for AI in your sector, including:

  • Increasing productivity
  • Building expertise
  • Addressing ethical challenges
  • Fostering innovation and collaboration
  • Ensuring the systems you manage are secure and trustworthy

The BridgeAI consortium

BridgeAI is an Innovate UK funded programme, delivered by a consortium including:

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